Little Known Facts About Service.

(= Procedure) → Betrieb m; being out of service → außer Betrieb sein; to deliver a little something into service → etw in Betrieb nehmen; to return into service → in Betrieb genommen werden; “this quantity will not be in service” (US Telec) → „kein Anschluss beneath dieser Nummer“

operate, function, perform, operate, go - execute as envisioned when used; "The washing machine won't go Except It is really plugged in"; "Does this outdated motor vehicle continue to operate properly?"; "This outdated radio won't perform any longer"

Lawyers (who conduct the services of advocacy and decisionmaking in lots of dispute resolution and avoidance processes)

The stroke that commences Just about every stage, played from at the rear of The bottom line into your service court docket diagonally reverse.

It demands no talent within the science of war to discern that uniformity during the Business and willpower of the militia could be attended with by far the most beneficial effects, whenever they have been called into service for the general public defense.

Neighborhood service, general public service - a service which is carried out for the advantage of the general public or its establishments

); unexpected emergency services servicios de emergencia; healthcare services servicios médicos; social services servicios sociales

Grimaud experienced, without a doubt, through twenty-two decades of service, observed his grasp extricate himself from numerous issues that practically nothing less than Athos's imminent death was likely to make him uneasy.

to check (an automobile, machine etc) thoroughly in order that it really works properly. kontroleer يَفْحَص السَّيّارَه правя технически преглед fazer revisão provádět údržbu überholen efterse κάνω έλεγχο συντήρησης, κάνω σέρβις hacer la revisión hooldama تعمير كردن huoltaa faire la réeyesight לְטַפֵּל בְּ- कार इत्यादि का निरीक्षण करना ताकि वह ठीक से काम करे servisirati, popravljati szervizel servis fara yfir, sjá um viðhald fare la revisione 点検する 애프터 서비스를 하다 apžiūrėti apskatīt; apkopt; veikt apskati servis een onderhoudsbeurt geven ha service, vedlikeholde dokonywać przeglądu چک کول fazer revisão a deal with revi­zia производить осмотр и ремонт robiť údržbu pregledati servisirati göra service på ตรวจรถยนต์ เครื่องจักร อย่างถี่ถ้วนเพื่อให้ทำงานได้ bakım(ını) yaptırmak 檢修 проводити огляд і поточний ремонт کسی مشین یا موٹر کار وغیرہ کی حسب معمول جانچ اور دیکھ بھال bảo dưỡng 检修

c. A Section or department of a medical center team that gives specified affected person care: the anesthesiology service.

company - an institution created to carry out business; "he only invests in massive well-recognized businesses"; "he begun the organization in his garage"

Adam Smith’s Courier Service Los Angeles renowned ebook, The Wealth of Nations, revealed in 1776, distinguished among the outputs of what he termed "successful" and "unproductive" labor. The former, he stated, made merchandise that could be saved immediately after creation and subsequently exchanged for revenue or other things of price.

valet parking - a service presented (at a club or restaurant or airport and many others.) whereby a patron leaves a vehicle at the doorway and an attendant parks and retrieves it

: to provide services for: as being a : to meet interest and sinking fund payments on (credit card debt) did not have the cash move to service a large financial loan b : to gather payments and sustain a payment routine for (a personal loan) Specially just after sale on the bank loan to a secondary house loan current market (given that the Federal National Mortgage Association) — Look at originate

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